At ALEQUI, we strive to be at the forefront and run an environmentally conscious company. We realize that we have a responsibility as a company to make smart choices regarding everything from materials to production and in every step of our production process we try to limit our environmental impact as much as possible.

We do this, for example, by only work with vegetable tanned leather that has a manufacturing process that is gentler on the environment. In addition, some of our textile products are ecologically dyed and partly made with recycled material, which also means a smaller environmental impact.

In this way, we are true to our core values; environmental awareness, high quality and good design. We are a company started by riders, for riders, and we want that to be reflected in everything we do. We believe in sustainable equestrian sport and are constantly trying to find new ways to be more environmentally friendly.


We eschew seasonal collections to create clothing and equipment that endures over time, both in quality and design.


In order to reduce our climate footprint as much as possible, we use recycled plastic in all our packaging and bags.


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