Are you looking for riding clothes and equipment that you can use for a long time? We are passionate about wear-resistant riding clothes with a stylish design.

We are constantly told that our products maintain a high level and are used extensively by our customers. Our breeches were selected as favorites in the Ridsport magazine test by breeches and our boots has been highlighted by Lina Dolk as one of her favorites that she washes time and time again and that keeps its fit. We have been mentioned in Hippson, Kentaur, Untacked, Breakit and others. and it's no accident. By using well-selected materials and spending time on the design process, we have succeeded in developing products that many people want.

ALEQUI was founded in Stockholm in 2016 and today we design riding clothes and equipment with a modern and innovative tone. Our design is stripped down, stylish and inspired by subdued Scandinavian fashion. Sustainability is close to our hearts, which is why we avoid seasonal collections and create clothes and equipment that stand the test of time, both in quality and design.

Read on and get an insight from some of our employees in the team.

Meet some of the team

Get behind the scenes and read more about what it's like to work at ALEQUI.



Louise works as a project manager and is, among other things, responsible for sales at fairs and to all our retailers. She is a real horse girl who has lived with horses all her life.

Three quick things with Louise:

When did you become interested in equestrian sports?
Good question ! I grew up in Scania and everyone in my family has been involved with horses for as long as I can remember. I invested in show jumping but gave it up a couple of years ago and moved to Stockholm, so it's super fun to be able to continue with the sport even if it means more time with our customers and less time in the stable :)

What is the best thing about working at ALEQUI?
It is so varied! One moment I'm sitting and planning the next trade show, only to immediately jump into a meeting with our dealers. It's also fun with all the contact with our ambassadors and riders, it feels like the sport has really gotten a big boost in recent years.

What's your favorite product?
It has to be our riding shirt Niko that I basically live in! I love the material and that it also works so well outside the stable. I have it in both black and navy blue.



Sharokh is one of the founders and also creatively responsible at ALEQUI. He works with the design team and makes sure that the equipment and clothes we create meet our design and quality requirements.

Three quick ones with Sharokh:

How do you become creatively responsible? What have you worked with before?
I previously worked at a design agency where we had clients from some of the world's biggest fashion brands. I love design and developing creative expressions. Equestrian sport is extra fun as it has looked the same for so long and there is a lot of room for change.

What is your background in equestrian sports?
I had a girlfriend who was a real horse girl and was drawn into the world of horses through her. I quickly fell in love with the sport and have been riding in one way or another ever since.

What is your favorite product?
I'm having a hard time choosing a product but I think our breeches Noma in black together with our Signature Zip Lea in black is a really nice combo :)


We value sustainable alternatives.