ALEQUI is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand that elevates the equestrian experience through performance and technology. We combine effortless minimalist designs with technological features to improve the riding experience.

Founded in Stockholm in 2019, we design equestrian sportswear and equipment with a contemporary and innovative edge. Our design philosophy is minimalist, elegant, and influenced by the subtle sophistication of our Scandinavian roots.
We believe in avoiding seasonal collections in favor of creating lasting pieces distinguished by their quality and design.
Our brand is built on a foundation of key values that resonate through every product we create. We prioritize Performance, ensuring our designs enhance rider efficiency, comfort, and safety. Technology is integral, as we incorporate advanced features to elevate the equestrian experience. Timelessness is reflected in our minimalist, enduring designs that defy trends. Lastly, Sustainability is crucial to us; we're committed to eco-friendly practices, with a vision for local production, ensuring our legacy is as enduring as our designs.

Keep reading to delve deeper into our world and get to know som of the members of our team.

Meet the team

Meet some of the minds shaping ALEQUI



Louise works as a project manager and is responsible for sales at fairs and with our retailer clients. She's a true horse girl who's lived with horses all her life.
Three quick questions with Louise:
When did you start getting interested in equestrian sports?
Good question! I grew up in Skåne, and everyone in my family has been involved with horses as long as I can remember. I competed in show jumping but stopped a few years ago and moved to Stockholm, so it's really fun to be able to continue with the sport even if it means more time with our customers and less time in the stable :)
What's the best thing about working at ALEQUI?
It's so varied! Either I'm planning the next exhibition, running around on a photo shoot or jumping into a meeting with a retailer. It's also fun to have all the contact with our ambassadors and riders; it feels like the sport has really gained momentum in recent years.
What's your favorite product?
It has to be our Niko riding shirt, which I practically live in! I love the material and how well it works outside the stable too. I have it in both black and navy.



Sharokh is one of the founders and also the creative director at ALEQUI. He works with the design team to ensure that the equipment and clothing we produce meet our standards for design and quality.
Three quick questions with Sharokh:
How do you become a creative director? What have you done before?
I previously worked at a design agency where we had clients from some of the world's biggest fashion brands. I'm passionate about design and bringing out the creative side of things. Equestrian sports are especially fun as it's looked the same for so long, and there's a lot of room for change.
What's your background in equestrian sports?
I had an old girlfriend who's family was very passionate about horses, and naturally I got drawn in. I quickly fell in love with the sport and have been involved in horse riding in one way or another ever since.
What's your favorite product?
It's hard to pick just one product, but I think our Noma riding breeches in black, together with our Signature Zip Lea in black, make a really good combo :)


We value sustainable alternatives.